Elenco degli articoli del produttore FUNN

17 years ago, the FUNN boys set out to realize their dream in a small factory in Great Britain. Solid bike parts and fun to ride on. That was the idea. Over the years, our products could be seen on world-class racing teams. Some of them won numbers of World Championships and World Cups with our products. Podium performance and top-of-the-world proven. Sales is great as well. But we have never forgot to have fun. Custom-made Fatboy bars for World Champions, Bored of Black, and then carbon and Titanium this year. We have chit-chat with world champions in the busy race tent, and we have ridden in places few have ever been to, like Mongolia & Morocco.We are limitless.Full CNC, 3D printing, and hand tools. While embracing modern technologies, we are also having fun with traditional craftsmanship. Nothing compares to the joy of holding bike parts with bare hands. Solid parts and fun. Hell yeah! You can say that again.